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FreeStyle Friday – AKB is the Boss on the Second Edition…

“Yea! Yea! Its freestyle friday and Mxcliq is relating with em fans and We rocked Minna…” That was my punchline when FreeStyle Friday returned back and it wasn’t just a return for the show but it brought relief to our audience after waiting for two weeks and also presented the possibilities of seeing one of the stars of the first edition “AKB” who was in the crowd till he was given the chance to “rock the Mic.”… The Show kicked off slowly but surely as a result of minor logistic challenges and the Man who anchored the show throughout the Night in the person of “Mzee” gave us a feel of what the show is all about “freestyling” when he thrilled the passers-by and back-stage crew with his talent of rap and gave shout-outs to the community and notable people like “Mxcliq” *grins* but the aim of the show wasn’t forgotten and officially welcomed everyone to the show. He called on the crowd to appreciate the performances of the people who came on stage;there were brief performances from “wanna – be freestylers” like Fly my guy,ice mood,dark faze,lil Age,flex inn,F-Sone and host of names.

There was a twist to the program of events because most invitees wanted a feel of “AKB’s” punchlines and the first to go head to head with him was “jessie”;who sounded confident and vocal but the impressive and consistent “AKB” replied like he had a script written for him to read from in reply to jessie… “AKB” here and there isn’t a deliberate act of publicity because he’s got the “goody bag”.The stage got heated up and the two(jessie & AKB) later became a trio of “battlers” which looked one-sided because it seemed self-inflicted when the Victim wore SUN SHADES!!! Under d Moon and Jessie and AKB didn’t hold back anything to show their disgust lyrically and at a point the “shady guy” had his pain shared among the audience because it was BIG…lol. As we awaited the arrival of “sticky stark” who was supposed to go head to head with “AKB” for the featured battle of the Night;There was a performances from Artistes “Kodi” and “EL” whose “go down low” single got the crowd going down low,an individual who looked a replica of Micheal Jackson while doing his “Moon walking” dance steps and thereafter “the unbreakable brothers” came on stage and did their bit of choreography.

Sticky Stark showed up after the wait and was introduced to the crowd and as usual everyone watching took a deep breath to the prospects of hearing “AKB” spit lyrically poisonous bullets to his new and latest opponent and he didn’t disappoint because he meant business and to me sticky stark did his bit but got distracted instead of respond to “AKB’s” lyrical bullets. The star performer for the show was the obvious choice “AKB” because he had numerous “side-battles” and didn’t seem to get short of words in moments that mattered and one of the punchline of the night was “I don’t need beats to spit my rhymes cos I got your heartbeats…” 

Undoubtedly the show was a success beacuse of the creative DJ FIYIN BOND who acted like a moderator in the sound department,freestyle friday crew and Cheers to you who made it happen and to all those who missed out on the show. God is Watching You. We will keep freestyling till the world knows…

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