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Yesterday 21st January 2013, We (loudsoundGH) had an interview with Barima Pages to explain into details what the real ideas behind the Mixtape are; and how he got inspired to put lyrics together to make those songs worth listening to. The interview was also to give his fans an idea about what the mixtape is about and what role each song got to play in his personal life. We will quote everything word to word so you can get the picture…

*He sends Loudsoundgh the new track list through the BBM Chat to take a look at*

So I went through the track list and started with ”My Story” which is the first track on the Mixtape…
LoudsoundGH: Ok Lets talk about my story.

Barima Pages : I talked about my hustle on that song… I opened up to my fans, telling them about my daily activities.

LoudsoundGH: Is it a true story?

Barima Page: Its entirely true… Kay Ara even says I went in too raw. I didn’t hide anything.

LoudsoundGH: Right… What really inspired you or pushed you to be that open with your fans?

Barima Pages: Im a real n*gga, So i decided to make a mixtape and open up to my listeners. So they get to know the real me.

LoudsoundGH: OK… Tell me about ”Perfect 2”

Barima Pages: Its a song I wrote about my Ex Girlfriend.. No names though… When I first saw here, I went crazy. She was so so so pretty. ”Perfect 2” was about our relationship and how we bonded… That made me write the song.

LoudsoundGH: I don’t wanna get to personal in your love life but do you think you will accept her if she wants a come back?

Barima Pages: I’ve moved on… Im currently dating someone so I won’t be able to take her back… The song is for lovers too. For anyone who feels he or she and the partner makes a perfect couple…

LoudsoundGH: When was this song written? ”Perfect 2”

Barima Pages: Can remember the exact date but in the year 2012. At the latter part of the year… That was after I left 313 records

LoudsoundGH: Was the song after or before you broke up with your ex ?

Barima Pages: I wrote it when I was with her, but I recorded it when we broke up

LoudsoundGH: Ok… Lets move on… ”IF YOU WANT ME” Thats the 3rd track on your Mixtape

Barima Pages: Yup… With my hommie Elvis. It was on his Mixtape we collaborated. We talking about people who have feelings for others and can’t say it. The main idea is, If you want to love someone, have the courage to tell him or her…

LoudsoundGH: Well said… Have you had such experiences yourself?

Barima Pages: Well I always tell a girl I love her when I do… I’m just talking on behalf of the dudes who have girls they having crushes on them… On the song I’m tryna tell the girls to let the boys know they feel them.

LoudsoundGH: Those dudes shd thank you for standing in for them… Lol

Barima Pages: Hahaha

LoudsoundGH: Next is ”Carolina Freestyle” Featuring KAHAZ…

Barima Pages: Well that was just a freestyle with my homie Kahaz. We just exhibiting our lyrical dexterity… Just normal flow and bars

LoudsoundGH: But why ”Carolina”

Barima Pages: Lol… The instrumental is nice. Its actually a sauce kid song… Its a cover.

LoudsoundGH: So you named it ”CAROLINA” or that’s the original name for the instrumentals?

Barima Pages: Yup! that’s the title of the song

LoudsoundGH: Oh Ok…  NO LIMIT was released a few weeks ago… Very motivational… What inspired you or who inspired you?

Barima Pages: Yeah man… Well I’m an artiste myself… Its a song just to spur anybody like myself to keep on pushing and see no limit; Hard work begets success. I collaborated with a Malawian Rapper called Flake.

LoudsoundGH: How did you guys connect? 

Barima Pages: Via a South African website we both have our songs on… Their twitter account is @MusicofAfrica 

LoudsoundGH: So how was the recording done? He sent his verse down?

Barima Pages: Yeah he sent me the data, and I recorded over it… He just might come to Ghana and we’ll shoot a video.

LoudsoundGH: Nice one… Well I can’t wait to watch the video myself. Are u looking forward to do more collaborations with him? Or you have not thought about it yet?

Barima Pages: We are actually doing another song with a Zimbabwian and Nigerian… We’ll call it “My country girl”

LoudsoundGH: Nice collaboration… Any idea when its gonna be released?

Barima Pages: Soon… I’ll kick my verse soon and all the others are done

LoudsoundGH: Last man standing… Lol

Barima Pages: Haha I know I’m last on the song

LoudsoundGH: We waiting on you to kill your part and tell us when its gonna be out…

Barima Pages: Sure bruh. Repping Ghana

LoudsoundGH: Moving on to ”Shot To The Heart”

Barima Pages: Its a heartbreak song. I’m talking about my most recent Ex… Again I’m opening up to my listeners, letting them in on my love life

LoudsoundGH: Is it the same Ex we talked abt earlier?

Barima Pages: Nope that was a different one

LoudsoundGH: Oh ok… So it tells your fans about your heartbreak and how you felt about it?

Barima Pages: Exactly… Im just pouring my heart out on the song

LoudsoundGH: Once again your fans get to share your pain with you in that song I guess…

Barima Pages: U know the thing.

LoudsoundGH: So after that song is “You Know I Love You”

Barima Pages: Yup

LoudsoundGH: Another love song?

Barima Pages: On this song I express my love 4 my current girlfriend… Simply telling her I love her and I’ll never leave her.

LoudsoundGH: I just think its fair sharing your heart breaks and your new love with your fans. It actually makes sense when you said the mixtape is about your life…

Barima Pages: Exactly man… I’m keeping it real with them, Telling them about me

LoudsoundGH: Right… Then ”No Way”… Break it down for me.

Barima Pages: Its a normal love song but This time, not for anybody in particular… Just talking about a guy loving a girl and not letting her go. “No way. I will never let u leave…” Lyrics of the song say it all…

LoudsoundGH: Ok… Let’s move on to the next song… ”Move higher Ft. Remedy”

Barima Pages: Its another motivational song… The concept is simple. It says No matter what you face in life, you gotta move higher. I wrote this to motivate myself cos I get a lotta hatred on twitter and I’m tryna spurr myself on to move higher, and put my haters to shame.

LoudsoundGH: Its good to encourage yourself and stand tall to reach your dreams…

Barima Pages: Exactly. And keep on pushing…

LoudsoundGH: They say if u are nobody, u don’t have haters… Lol

Barima Pages: Hahaha Yeah… No matter the obstacles that come your way..

LoudsoundGH: You featured Remedy… Any reason why?

Barima Pages: He came up with the hook and I just sang it.. He laid a verse for me…

LoudsoundGH: Wow… Waiting to listen to you and Remedy on the same track… One of my favorite rappers tho… Lol

LoudsoundGH: Let’s move on to Thinking About You

Barima Pages: Its title is quiet self explanatory… I wrote the song at dawn. I had just woken up and i was thinking about my girlfriend. so I decided to make a song about it.

LoudsoundGH: Oh Ok… so its a love song especially made for your girlfriend

Barima Pages: Yeah Man… The power of love… I expressed a lot of my love through music.

LoudsoundGH: I can see that; and I think it takes a lot of talent and passion to put lyrics together to make a meaningful song…

Barima Pages: Thanks for the compliment.

LoudsoundGH: You always welcome bro… so lets quickly look at ”Play Out In The Rain”… Sound more like a romantic song. Am I right? 

Barima Pages: Lol.. Nope! The beginning talks about how childhood was easy. ”We used to play out in the rain” Now we all grown up and thinking of better things… I get more real on the 2nd verse. I talk about how I envisage the future. Talk about telling my Mum that I’m gonna make it. I talk about wanting to get rich and that I hustle for the bread. Its actually a song I did for Dj Bibini’s #MadeInGhanaMixtape. I just added it because I love it.

LoudsoundGH: Nice one… I got the concept wrong then… Im sure a lotta people might think just like I did…lol

Barima Pages: Hahahahaha… Well maybe

LoudsoundGH: You ended it all with ”DOPENESS”

Barima Pages: Yeah Bruh… Ei so soon, we’ve talked about 12 songs

LoudsoundGH: Yes sir…lol

Barima Pages: That song was just a freestyle with my hommie. Another song to exhibit lyrical dexterity, Skills with the flow… No particular theme. Apart from the fact that we tryna prove we dope, I guess the title says it all. It was also a song on a joint Mixtape we were doing.. #DopenessMixtape. I just added it cos I like it.
Note: I added the last 2 songs as bonus tracks. I just love them and decided to throw em in.

LoudsoundGH: So a lil bonus for your fans to enjoy…

Barima Pages: Exactly man…

LoudsoundGH: Word… So a 10 track Mixtape with 2 bonuses… Well explained

Barima Pages: Yeah Challe… 

LoudsoundGH: Thanks for your time bro. You got our support all day. Waiting to drop the Mixtape soon. And a happy Birthday in Advance….

Barima Pages: Thanks bruh…

So, that is how the interview ended… Wait patiently for this mixtape… Its going to be the realest story ever told in our music history… We will be dropping it on the release date. 

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